The Kiddies

Here are a couple of pictures of our 4 legged kiddies.



Doris Day our beautiful Merle Great Dane is a joy to have in our family, she asks for nothing, never put demands on you and is happy to just be with you in everything you do. Such a gentle soul, she instantly relaxes you the moment you see her. She is 10 years of age


Arlie, otherwise known as Our little boy ( he is actually massive, but he is the younger one, hence the name ) is our handsome Merle Great Dane and is the Larrikin of the two. He has such a fun disposition and is happiest when he has his bomber footy in his mouth or trying to stir his sister up. He is completely oblivious to his huge size and just wants to be friends with everyone he comes in contact with. He has been known to run up to visitors as they drive in and stick his head in their car window, something new visitors find slightly daunting!! Arlie is 2 years of age and a big solid boy.


Doris and Arlie stirring each other up in the back yard.


Aaargh Doris lazing around on a lovely sunny day with big sister Eliza, doesn’t get much better


Arlie and his favourite toy, a bomber footy, he has a few scattered over the property.

4 thoughts on “The Kiddies

  1. Sherryl Gee Reply

    Good morning Annie,
    The new contact details are awesome, go girl.
    Love the pictures, will await seeing your beautiful face on there.
    So many people are on the Web now, how nice to have a little bit more of you on there 🙂
    Take care,
    with Love,

  2. Lynne Armstrong Reply

    Woo hoo Annie….your blog is lovely! Looking forward to lots more 🙂
    lots of love
    Lynne xx

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